Here’s what our clients have to say.

My master bedroom closet was a mess. Charley came in and brought a new sense of Zen to the space. I now wear more of what I own because I can easily find everything and my closet has become a happy place.

Kelly Cunningham

I can’t tell people enough what a remarkable job Charley did with my closet!!! We went through every piece in my previous disaster of a room, and he went above and beyond organizing, remodeling, and styling the space. I actually now have a beautiful and amazingly functional closet…all thanks to Charley. I highly highly highly recommend him. Not only is he wonderful at his job, but he is an outstanding person as well. Will definitely use this service again!!!

Jenny McIntyre Smith

Charley Turo is an organizational master. My walk in closet was a disaster until he showed his skills in organization and patience I might add. If you have a messy or out of control closet, he’s the guy to call. Give yourself and your closet a break and fresh start.

Kram Nomis

Charley was a huge asset to our family during our move. We moved from a 4200 sq ft house to a 2600 sq ft house and had difficulty figuring out what to keep, what to donate and how to organize in our new space. Charley patiently and effectively helped us move, in less than a month. We couldn’t have done it without him!

Craig Allan

I hired Charley to reorganize my closet. It is not a large space , by most standards, and i wanted to make the most of what I had to work with. What started as a clean up and straighten project turned into a cathartic and cleansing journey that really changed my perspective on things. I did not realize i was hanging on to so many things that I did not use or even remember owning. I am thrilled with the results and can’t wait for the next project. What Charley does is not just a job . It is a gift. What a great and refreshing way to start the new year!

Bob Harbeson